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World Leader in PCD Cutting Tools

The world’s first cutting tool was likely a sharp stone wielded by a cave dweller to sharpen a piece of wood for use as a spear. How far we have come since then! Cutting materials have evolved from stone to carbon steel, to Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s High Speed Cutting steels, to Krupp’s first carbides and now to hundreds of grades of carbide and coating iterations. One of the greatest advancements in cutting technology for abrasive materials was the use of natural and later, synthetic diamond to take advantage of diamond’s miraculous properties of hardness, abrasion resistance, and chemical inertness.

Synthetic diamond was first created much in the same way as diamonds found in nature: with a combination of heat and pressure. The founders of sp3, Jim Herlinger and Jerry Zimmer developed the first commercial process using heat and vacuum to grow diamond as a part of their work as Silicon Valley innovators. The process they perfected uses carbon-rich gases introduced into a heated vacuum chamber (a reactor); to grow diamond crystals on carbide.

This process was first used to coat carbide inserts, then carbide round tools, and later we developed the ability to grow free-standing sheets of diamond using a similar, but larger scale CVD process (TFd, a pure polycrystalline diamond with 3x the wear resistance of PCD). As sp3 evolved as a cutting tool manufacturer, we broadened our offering to include fabricated diamond tools using both conventional PCD and CVD sheet diamond. We developed an innovative line of milling tools and consolidated sp3’s Cutting Tool engineering, marketing, sales, customer service, and manufacturing functions in Indiana in order to be more centrally located to better support our customer base.

in 2013, we purchased the assets of Winco Industries, Inc., a pioneer in the design and manufacture of ultra high precision PCD round tools, in order to add additional products, engineering talent, and manufacturing facilities and skills to our portfolio.

Over the past 20 years, sp3 has been an innovator in diamond technology, manufacturing processes, and in the design and application of diamond tooling for a variety of industries. We are not a “fabricator” or a “make to print (somebody else’s design)” company; we are a designer, developer, and application specialist for diamond tools that improve our customers’ manufacturing operations.

Our philosophy is simple: make better tools than our competitors, deliver them when we promise to deliver them, always strive for perfect quality, and continuously engineer and develop better designs that benefit our customers. Our philosophy is not perfectly realized (yet), but we ask you for the chance to work together to improve your company’s performance.

No other diamond cutting tool company provides such broad and deep technical understanding of diamond for use in cutting tools and no one has more field-proven experience in applying diamond tools to real world machining problems.

sp3 Manufactures Tools in the Following Configurations:

  • CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) polycrystalline diamond coated tools
  • CVD fabricated tools
  • PCD fabricated tools
  • CBN fabricated tools

sp3 Serves the Following Industries:

Automotive, motorcycle, marine, and industrial
small engine powertrain (silicon aluminum)

  • Cylinder blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Pistons
  • Covers
  • Housings
  • Transmission cases
  • Lower units
  • etc.

Aerospace (carbon fiber, CFRP, and other composites)

  • Skins
  • Spars
  • Stringers
  • Fuselage barrels
  • etc.


  • Graphite for EDM sinker tools and other electrodes

Green Ceramics

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Industrial ceramics